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Flip the pages to 1952.

On the 12th of September was born beloved Dadi, (grandmother) in Mumbai. Raised in a South Indian family of Keralites, Dadi, Hajia Sayeeda Shamim, spent her childhood in the coastal city of Mumbai, then known as Bombay. Dadi was the fourth child among the five. Dadi’s father was a professional chef and was employed in an Anglo-Indian family. He was extremely proud of his culinary proficiency in Western and Indian cuisine. Dadi’s mother was a housewife and a great cook. Although not a professional, she was well-acclaimed for her expertise in South Indian cooking by her neighbors, friends and family.

Dadi was betrothed to Haji Syed Attas and the couple shifted to Mangalore, a coastal town of Karnataka. Her culinary passions began to take concrete shape while she would attempt to serve a host of delicious dishes to her family in Mangalore. Having learned a great deal from her experiences back home in Bombay, she served a taste of her father’s spice concoctions dashed with her mother’s flair for meticulous presentations in Mangalore. Also, while at Bombay, with her neighbors and friends hailing from multi-ethnic backgrounds, she had picked up the tastes from their kitchens. One of the neighbors who left an irrepressible dent on her was a lady residing in the neighborhood addressed as “Hyderabadi Aunt” from Andhra (another South Indian State, Andhra Pradesh) who cooked delectable Mughlai cuisine. Dadi’s family, friends and neighbors were never tired of complimenting her for her amazing mouthwatering delicacies. Dadi is pleased to mention one particular name when it comes to biryani, her sister-in- law Mrs. Sayeeda Zubeda Ismail whom she refers as “Ustad”. With time, she had whetted her culinary passions to include Mughlai, Western and Indian cuisine.

Dadi is a polyglot and converses with ease in English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tulu, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Konkani. She has four children and grandchildren.

Cut to 2014.

Dadi shares a special bond with her first and second grandsons, Syed Afwan Ahmed and Sheikh Mohammed Bilal. Also, she nurtures affection for her neighbor’s son, Tilak Raj in Mangalore. All three are of the similar age group. Syed, Bilal and Tilak are never tired of showering accolades on their beloved Dadi and she is never tired of cooking lip-smacking dishes for them. In particular, Syed, Bilal and Tilak are fond of their Dadi’s Biryani. Dadi cooks Biryani variants of mutton, meat, various seafood (prawn, crab, fish etc.) and even of vegetables.

In 2015, while Syed moved to Bangalore to pursue his graduate programme in business studies from Christ University, Tilak joined Syed in Bangalore in 2016 after finishing his Master’s in business administration from a leading Business School. Both have set their eyes to become entrepreneurs. With much deliberation and discussion, it was decided that our Dadi’s Biryani should become the face of global cuisine given its irresistible taste. Syed, Bilal and Tilak wish to realize the aspiration of all her children, well-wishers and near ones of their Dadi by showcasing her talent to the global food specialists.


“Dadi’s Kitchen” is a abundance of delicacies and for the novice, the brand launches first with its array of biryanis with Dadi’s Dum Biryani. The place has now launched in Bangalore and will soon kick Page 2 of 7 start its operations in Dubai (UAE) and Muscat (Oman) in 2017. Gradually, apart from India and GCC countries, they plan to expand into UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia. The next venture after biryani is to serve seafood to Bangaloreans and fill the void of a much-awaited opportunity of savoring fresh coastal sea-food cuisine.


Dadi’s Biryani is poised to create a niche segment of catering to the palate of the diners at global level. Offering signature Biryani variants cutting across Eastern and Western tastes, Dadi’s Biryani will be served with select side-dishes from the chef’s kitchen. While remaining competitive in the restaurant segment with its affordable, the team will also retain the traditional flavors in its entirety.


Dadi’s Biryani aims at showcasing Biryani on the global cuisine map. Blending the traditional touch of home-made dishes with the professionalism of a modern chef, Dadi’s Biryani lends the perfect aesthetic appeal to the classical Biryani to diners across the globe.


Dadi’s ethical values are reflected in her kitchen too. Her kitchen effuses quality and freshness in the ingredients and absolute tidiness is maintained in the kitchen. The staff at Dadi’s Biryani will continue to uphold these pillars of values always.

Quality Dadi’s Dum Biryani is very particular about maintaining high quality standards in its services. The customers can be rest assured that they will experience delight at every bite.

Hygiene Dadi’s Dum Biryani maintains all hygiene standards. Its kitchen and serving tables are testaments of the same.

Service Ensuring the best service & a very friendly staff, Dadi’s Dum Biryani has a trained staff taking care of its operations. Kindness and professionalism of our staff will welcome you, making your experience with us just perfect

Fresh Ingredients Dadi’s Dum Biryani uses only the freshest ingredients in its dishes. The aroma of the dish speaks for this.

Honesty Dadi’s Dum Biryani rests its credibility on its honesty and steadfastness.

Dadi’s Personal Recommendations

  • Mutton/Chicken Biryani with Cucumber Raita & Chicken Fry
  • Vegetable Biryani with Cucumber Raita
  • Korma with Ghee rice, Chicken Fry and Green Salad
Mutton/Chicken Dum Biryani

For an authentic Dum Biryani, it is essential that the right mix of spices be added to enhance the flavor of the dish lest the appetite be adversely affected or the taste be ruined. Spices preferred should match the meat chosen for cooking Biryani. Care should also be taken to avoid using the same set of spices for the different variants of Biryani. Dadi has a personal liking for cooking Biryaani using mutton as it tastes Page 4 of 7 best amongst all variants and the added benefit is that the mutton gets cooked with its fat which adds to the succulent taste of the pieces.

Vegetarian Dum Biryani

Usually, the vegetarian biryani served in restaurants elsewhere are cooked as spiced vegetable rice or as “Pulav”. Dadi’s Vegetarian Biryani is especially notable for its taste parallel to the one made from chicken or mutton. Initially, it was a challenge for Dadi to cook Biryani for her vegetarian friends as they would request Dadi to cook Biryani the vegetarian way. They were enticed by the aroma of the non- vegetarian Biryani but they could never eat it. Dadi ensured that with the right mix of vegetables and spices, the vegetarian variant of Biryani tastes just as good as the non-vegetarian. Dadi vouches for the vegetarian Biryani and suggests that all vegetarian and non-vegetarian visitors should give it a try.

Cucumber Raita

Biryani tastes best with Cucumber Raita made with fresh cucumber and whipped curd with a dash of select spices. Not only does cucumber raita taste great, but also aids in digestion and lends a soothing effect to otherwise spicy food.

Ghee Rice

There are many variants of ghee rice; the choice of rice and the method of preparation are what makes the ghee rice authentic. While it is invariantly cooked with basmati rice, raw rice and ghanda sali rice, the chefs at Dadi’s Dum Biryani prefer “Ghanda Sali”, an aromatic rice variety from the South Indian town of Tulunadu, Mangalore. Ghanda Sali is also known as Jeerakasala, Jeerakasamba or Wayanadan Kaima. Mainly a product of Karnataka and the Malabar region of Kerala, “Ghanda Sali” has a huge demand in the market. Dadi swears by Ghanda Sali as it works best for cooking ghee rice on account of its aroma and flavor when cooked in spices.


Korma is a dish made from a mixture of cashews and coconut milk. Its consistency is that of a thick gravy. Dadi recommends that visitors should taste this dish, which is light in texture. Korma can be eaten with Ghee Rice and/or bread/chapatti/roti. Dadi has a personal preference for Korma with Ghee Rice. Try it!

How the young entrepreneurs overcame the Challenges!

Syed, Bilal and Tilak are budding entrepreneurs and the challenges lay ahead as they were finalizing their plans to kick start Dadi’s Biryani. They were daunted by the fact that a homemade dish needed to be scaled to the market where competition was rife. Further plans of reaching out to the global food- lovers and catering to the taste buds of the folks from the East and the West were in their minds. They wanted to pan out in such a way that the brand of Dadi’s Biryani reaches out to all irrespective of their origins while keeping affordability with taste as the priority. One of the biggest challenges related to select South Indian or Mughal cuisine is to selectively choose the best recipes from amongst it wide variety. Finally, they felt challenged by the fact that vegetarians should not feel left out in their penchant for savoring traditional Biryani.

With the grace of Almighty and their focus, Syed, Bilal and Tilak successfully drafted a business plan and went ahead to execute it. Due acknowledgement is owed to the following well-wishers apart from family and friends:

Moral and Financial Support

Dadi’s Dum Biryani wishes to convey a token of gratitude to the parents and uncles, Syed Mohammed Salim (Taya), Syed Mohammed Suheb (Chachu) and G Mohammed Faisal, for believing in the concept and without their financial & moral support, the business plan would not have materialized.

Standardization and Operation Management Consultant

Rajneesh Gandhi, the Chief Consultant. He is a professional chef and has over 30 years of experience in Indian cuisine. He is with Dadi’s Biryani to strategize the launch, standardizing and spread of Dadi’s Biryani in India and abroad. Long-term and short-term plans are being conceived with his aid to ensure that Dadi’s Biryani is professionally viable and commercially sustainable.

Interior Design

Riyaz Ahmed & Sunitha, avid interior designers, have been instrumental in overcoming the challenges and ensuring that the ambience of the Dadi’s Biryani chain embellishes a blush of Mughal décor and furnishing into contemporary design.

Marketing & Branding

Rices Obliquity, a marketing and event firm, have been the backbone of the branding & marketing of the restaurant. One of the city’s most popular and well-networked, Rices Obliquity has been an integral part in setting up the space. Having worked with multiple brands such as Diageo, Shiro, Hard Rock Café, Hangover among many others in the F&B industry and in the entertainment industry, Rices Obliquity is entrusted with ensuring that the brand Dadi’s Biryani is equipped to carve a niche for itself in India and globally. The team has one member strong in each category - in design, marketing, interiors, public relations, operations and photography. The team has made very crucial contributions to the exquisite restaurant that is Dadi’s Biryani.

Our Professional Staff

Dadi’s Biryani acknowledges the fellowship of:
Syed Afwan Ahmed & Tilak Raj

Shall look after general management of Dadi’s Biryani and ensure that quality standards are met across all sections of the enterprise. Also strategies expansion and fortification of Dadi’s Biryani.

Executive Chef

Chef Zakir Hussain is the head chef at our restaurant. He is responsible for overall operations and execution of plans for expansions. Specialized in Indian cuisine has waste experience over 20years service in the industry, is a valuable asset to our restaurant.

Finance Controller

Mr. Sivsankar is a senior accountant and has specialized in the field of accounts and finance. His expertise helps the restaurant keep a track of its incomes and expenses as well as comply with regulations.

Floor Managers

Mr. Bilal and Mr. Mudasser are the floor managers at Dadi’s Dum Biryani. They are responsible for floor operations mainly on service, hygiene and hospitality.

Creative Chef

TBA, will be a specialty chef and works under the guidance of our executive chef. His constant research and development keeps the restaurant updated with the latest trends and preferences. His research aids in continuous improvement and quality management.

Marketing Executive

TBA, brings an exceptional breadth of varied experiences to Dadi’s Dum biryani’s team. His creativity and innovation adds a fresh outlook to the restaurant.

restaurant Hours

  • Monday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm
  • Thursday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm
  • Friday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm
  • Satrurday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm
  • Sunday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm